Things to know about WhatsApp Web


WhatsApp web is one of the finest things that you will ever come across because it will enable you to use your WhatsApp account to send and receive the message from your PC as well. WhatsApp Web no cellular is completely secure and it comes with a lot of functionalities but restrictions are also there.


  • The word web explains the entire thing. When you are using WhatsApp Web you will have to keep both the devices connected to the internet. It is not mandatory to keep both of them connected to the same network, but it needs to be connected to the internet or server.


  • It is completely safe because it uses the scanning of the QR code in order to connect. One must have the latest version of WhatsApp on their mobile phone in order to access it from their computer. They will have to search for the WhatsApp Web on the browser and once it gets opened, they will see a menu denoted with 3 dots and on clicking it, they will have to select the option of WhatsApp web that will direct them to a page. Now they will be asked to scan the QR code from their mobile phones where their WhatsApp is logged in.


  • There are some limitations on how you are using this. It will allow you to receive and send messages, but blocking the user, leaving or creating any group is not possible from WhatsApp web.


  • Depending on the working principle of web clients it was quite obvious that iOS will not support WhatsApp Web.


  • When you are using WhatsApp Web you can access your WhatsApp account both from your phone and from your computer or the device from where you have logged in into WhatsApp web. All the conversations will be synced constantly between two devices.


  • This WhatsApp Web is basically for the Android users having Chrome installed. Many people have also stated that they can use it on opera as well.


WhatsApp Web has definitely gained a lot of popularity because of the functionalities and the convenience that it provides to the users.

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